Descargar Re-Think: How to Think Differently en PDF de Nigel May Barlow

Descargar Re-Think: How to Think Differently en PDF de Nigel May Barlow año 2006

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  • Nombre del libro: Re-Think: How to Think Differently
  • Autor del libroNigel May Barlow
  • Fecha de publicación: 6/12/2006
  • Páginas del PDF: 292
  • IdiomaInglés
  • Incluye un resumen PDF de 29 páginas
  • ISBN: 9781841126951
  • Encuadernación: Tapa Blanda
  • Género o ColecciónAutoAyuda y Misticismo
  • Valoración del libro: 4.4 de un máximo de 5
  • Votos: 30 
  • Descripción o resumen: What does it take to re-think anything in your life? Sometimes nothing short of turning your whole world upside down. Slow down your thinking for a moment. What is your brain doing? Almost certainly trying to come up with a single right answer because then you can stop thinking about the problem. All too often we are not really thinking, but sleepwalking through life. Fresh angles on familiar problems elude us. Re-thinking is the opposite: it means seeing better or different solutions. In other words, thinking as unusual. Rethink shows you why and how. What if today you were to... Buy a new newspaper? Take a different route home? Say ‘yes’ to everything your partner asks? Invent new rituals for your family? Surround yourself with beauty? Try a first take at the creative fantasy sleeping in the attic of your mind? Find a new hero? Discover more about your upbringing? Act as if anything were possible rather than yes-butting the new? You’d be a re-thinker. Why not? There’s always a better or different solution to the way you lead your personal or professional life. Rethink will help you to stop living on autopilot and reawaken your sense of wonder, curiosity, and creativity.
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